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4 Ways to Put on The Best Estate Buying Event

4 Ways to Put on The Best Estate Buying Event

Your jewelry business is thriving, yet you are aiming to reach individuals to grow your business even more.

Holding a solid jewelry event can make a huge difference when it comes to exposure and sales generation. In-store events are the perfect way to get in front of your audience and establish a relationship that will transcend the years.

Now, we know you want more sales and more opportunities to create lifelong clients. But, how do you plan, market, and host an estate buying event, all while still managing everything on your already overflowing plate?

With the help of National Rarities, you won’t have to worry about the struggles of coordinating an in-store estate buying event, because we handle everything for you! As knowledgeable, trustworthy estate buyers, we would love to partner with you for our next buying event in your area. We’re experts in our field, and this isn’t our first rodeo!


Here are four ways you can put on the best estate buying event based on our years of experience with over 1,000 successful events:



1. Decide That You Want to Partner with National Rarities


Looking for a way to revitalize your business, promote your store, and bring in new customers? Hosting an estate buying event with the help of National Rarities might be the answer you’re looking for. The first thing you need to do in order to host an ideal event is to decide that you want to partner with our team of experts.


National Rarities offer your customers an opportunity to bring in their unwanted valuables for an honest appraisal and no-obligation offer. In exchange for your space, we take care of expenses and compensate our partnering jeweler. We also take care of proper licensing and reporting of all purchases. It’s important to have legal guidelines when it comes to events. National Rarities is an A+ with BBB and this makes a huge difference when it comes to licensing and reporting of purchases.


 As a result, we make your event easy, profitable, and fun! Simply decide now that you want to partner with us, and we’ll handle the rest!



2. Make Sure You have a Certified Staff Ready


In order to run a successful event, you want to make sure you have a knowledgeable, trained staff that knows how to make an event worthwhile. You don’t want a regular team that just ends up costing you time, money, and leads. You want people with expertise who know exactly what they are doing to move the needle and convert potential customers.


When you partner with National Rarities, you receive GIA Certified Gemologists and GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals on staff and ready to work. Total customer satisfaction is our goal, and we want our partners and your future customers to be in good hands. What’s the point of going through the hoops of an event if you don’t have a great team of closers?!



3. Advertise Your Event


Your event is only as good as the people who come, so make sure you make your event is known. Marketing your event can be a trying and expensive task, especially when there are so many different advertising platforms. How do you know where your audience is and how do you reach them?


As a partner with National Rarities, you won’t have to worry about promoting the event yourself. We handle all marketing avenues, including payment of the advertising featuring your store name and logo. Our events advertise and promote your store, bring in new customers, and promote the services your store offers. That way, you can rest assured that everything goes off without a hitch!



4. Get Ready for 3 Days of Fun

Now that you have a solid estate buying event partner, you can sit back, relax, and get ready for 3 days of evaluations, buying, and networking. Customers will have time to browse your store, get paid for their items, and then turn around and spend their findings in your store. It’s a win-win!


At National Rarities, our goal is to make each event easy, profitable, and fun! We are confident that our buying service will enhance your business profile and bring customers through your door. Interested in hosting an event with us? Contact us to get started on your in-store estate buying event today!