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The Ultimate Vintage Jewelry Guide

So often do we lack the specific vocabulary needed to explain precisely what we envision. However, with a little background knowledge on vintage and antique pieces, you’ll get to know what kind of treasures are lying in your jewelry box and which ones you love the most. Then, you’ll be able to understand the nuances of these unique styles and find your favorites with the help from an Estate Specialist.

Vintage vs. Antique

To most of us, the terms vintage and antique are interchangeable. But, they classify jewelry and rarities into two distinct categories that ultimately determine the value of your treasures. Vintage pieces are items that date between twenty and 100 years old. While antique items are those that are 100 years old or older. These two classifications are used to categorize jewelry, fine art, 19th century toys, militaria or luxury handbags and other rarities.

Gold & Silver Jewelry

While precious metals hold their worth for years, the age of an item can actually add to its overall value. Unique designs and styles are often coveted by collectors for their rarity as they are often handmade and one-of-a-kind. If your vintage or antique jewelry is in good condition, your rarities may be worth more than just the price of the precious metals. 

Diamonds & Gemstones

Unlike precious metals, the value of your diamonds and gemstones aren’t based on the prices of gold, silver or platinum. Instead, they are evaluated  based on their quality and certifications. But, unique cuts and custom styles from vintage and antique pieces may add to their overall worth. Especially if they are rare. Explore our educational resources to learn more about how the value of diamonds and gemstones are determined.

Uncover the Value of Your Rarities

Whether you’re looking to make room in your jewelry box for new items or you’re wanting to find more pieces that match your vintage or antique styles, National Rarities is here to help. Our Estate Specialists are experts in their field and will gladly educate you on the age and value of your old treasures.