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Does Jewelry Hold Value?


Would you like to know if your inherited jewelry actually contains a hidden fortune? Well, there’s definitely a possibility! It all depends on the materials and gemstones that were used to craft your treasure. Our estate specialists at National Rarities would love to help you uncover the value of your pieces. Discover if  you have a remarkable treasure collecting dust and the characteristics that go into desirable jewelry. 


All over the world, people treasure diamonds for their irresistible sparkle. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but also a natural wonder. Because they’re formed deep below the surface of Earth, there’s a finite supply of these gemstones in the world. That’s also why natural diamonds are more valuable than their lab-grown counterparts. The worth of a diamond is dependent on the clarity, color, carat and cut. To find out the value of your treasures,  you’ll want to get them evaluated by one of our estate specialists at National Rarities. We’ll let you know what they’re worth and also provide a no-obligation offer if you’re interested in selling.


High-quality sterling silver can be found in many antique items, such as jewelry and coins. Like other metals, the value of silver changes with the market. After finding out the market value, weight and metal purity, calculating the price is very straightforward. At National Rarities, we buy any type of scrap silver, no matter the purity. As long as it’s silver, we’ll determine the value of the current market price and trade it for cash. It’s important to note that we don’t buy silver-plated items at this time.


Gold is not only beautiful, versatile and unique, but also holds value. This value mainly depends on the purity, such as 10-karat, 14-karat and 18-karat. Each number marks the amount of gold an item has. So, the higher the karat, the more gold. Gold filled and plated products are typically not as valuable, but it’s something that National Rarities will sometimes still purchase. If you have any unused gold items lying around, we would love to give you a free estimation. 

Discover the Value with National Rarities 

Ready to find out the worth of your treasures? There are many convenient ways to uncover their value. With National Rarities, you can find an event near you, sell online or make an appointment at our St. Louis office. Our estate specialists have been assisting people all over the country discover the worth of their unused inherited pieces for decades and would love to help you! Contact us today to learn more about the process.