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How To Boost Jewelry Sales This Summer

How To Boost Jewelry Sales This Summer

Summer is the time to enjoy the tranquil relaxation of the year. Time passes slower, days feel longer, and while we enjoy the much-needed R & R, we sometimes recognize that this time can be trying. 


Summer is the season where we notice business slows down tremendously, and that's without including the current pandemic!


Times are tough, and business may be slow, but there are ways to boost your jewelry sale this season. 


Here are some tips to help you enhance your jewelry business and focus on sales this summer:

1. Be There For Your Customers


We know this time has been challenging and uncomfortable. Every person, regardless of the industry they work in, is experiencing uncertainty and stress. 


It's essential to be there for your customers. Whether providing a safe in-store environment, following up and checking in on customers, or posting positive content on your social media platforms, it's helpful to show your customers that you are in this with them. Be there for them as more than just a jewelry store and as members of their community and family.

2. Sell Jewelry Online


Offering the opportunity for your customers to shop online is extremely helpful during this time. Birthdays, anniversaries, and special moments are still being celebrated, and people are even spending money! 


Many people are spending a chunk of their time online, so make sure that your products and services are listed on your website and available. Take this time to build your e-commerce store, list your jewelry items, and promote your online store to drive new sales. You can even create an eBay account (like ours!) 

3. Host An Estate Buying Event 


Are you looking to drive more sales? Host an estate buying event with our team at National Rarities! As knowledgeable, trustworthy estate buyers, we partner with jewelry stores to host in-store estate buying events. We offer your customers an opportunity to bring in their unwanted valuables for an honest appraisal and no-obligation offer. We pay them for their items at the time of the transaction, so they have money to spend in YOUR store. It's a win-win! 


National Rarities even advertises and promotes your store, bringing in new customers. Our goal is to make each event easy, profitable, and fun! We are confident that our buying service will enhance your business profile and bring customers through your door. Are you interested in hosting an event with us? Contact us to get started on your in-store estate buying event today!


This summer is unlike anything we have experienced before. However, by experiencing it together, we can use this experience to nurture pre-existing relationships and create new ones with customers. Use this time to boost jewelry sales and bring a little sparkle into your customers' lives with National Rarities.


We look forward to working with you!