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How to Clean Vintage Gold Jewelry

How to Clean Vintage Gold Jewelry

When it comes to passing on heirloom jewelry, regular maintenance is required to keep your precious pieces shining. Consistent cleaning will not only make your treasures sparkle, but it will help to maintain the integrity of your jewelry so that it can be worn and enjoyed for generations. So, take out those dusty pieces from time to time and give them a gentle, thorough clean. At National Rarities we specialize in valued keepsakes and know exactly what kind of care they need to feel like new. That’s why we’ve created a guide to cleaning your vintage gold jewelry. Read on to learn how to maintain what’s in your jewelry box. 


Start with Warm Water 

Much like new jewelry, your timeless treasures need a good cleaning to look and feel their best. But, unlike new pieces, your vintage gold jewelry is much more fragile. When it’s time to give your collection a wash, start with warm water. A gentle run under the tap can break down any gunky buildup without damaging the old metal with harsh detergents. For a deeper clean, gently brush the piece with a soft, bristled toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt and dust. 


Use Mild Dish Soap 

There are plenty of chemical jewelry cleaners on the market, but sometimes the strong agents in them can damage your vintage jewelry. The last thing you want to do is add more wear to your priceless pieces. However, if you need a bit of extra cleaning power, a mild dish soap is typically a safe option. These soaps are formulated to be gentle and non-abrasive on your dishware, so they are great for gently washing your jewelry. 


Dry it Properly

After you give your jewelry a thorough wash, it’s important to let it dry thoroughly. Putting away your precious gems while they are still damp can cause erosion and damage over time. So, to soak up any excess moisture by laying each piece flat to dry and run a clean cloth over them. Then you can put your items back in your jewelry box. This will keep your vintage gold jewelry from tarnishing while it sits. 


Store it Safely 

While we would all love to wear our heirloom jewelry every single day, it’s unlikely that your most fragile pieces will be pulled out that often. When you aren’t wearing these treasures, it’s important to keep them safe and stored properly so that they don’t face extra damage. Jewelry should be kept separately and in a fabric lined box or bag. If you put your pieces together, they may tangle and scratch each other in the process. To maintain the life of your vintage gold jewelry, gently place each item in a soft place where it won’t be interrupted by other bits and baubles. 

Discover the Value of Your Jewelry at National Rarities 

Every piece of jewelry is more than just a beauty to behold. Each piece holds onto memories of celebrations and special moments. And to have such an important token of remembrance passed down to you is incredible. That’s why cleaning your vintage gold jewelry not only maintains its appearance, but also its sentimental value. At National Rarities we honor the nostalgia behind every piece of jewelry we buy and take extra care when appraising your treasures. So, if it comes time to pass on your tokens to another, contact us online and we’ll help you discover the value of your precious collection.