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How to Sell Junk Silver


Do you have silver jewelry, coins or flatware collecting dust? If so, it may be time to turn your unwanted valuables into cash! Whether you’re looking for a trustworthy online option or a selling event near you, National Rarities makes the process simple, easy and hassle-free. Plus, we stay up-to-date with the latest market prices, maximizing your return on investment. Here's a breakdown of how to sell junk silver the right way.

Sell Online

Selling your silver online is a convenient and efficient process with National Rarities. Through our online platform, you can easily upload information about your silver items and receive an offer from our buyers. First, collect all the relevant details about your valuables, such as the type of coins or silverware, their condition and weight. Good-quality photographs are also very helpful. If you have any questions about this process, give us a call at 888-787-1112 and speak with a jewelry specialist.

Find the Nearest Buying Event

Throughout the country, our specialists at National Rarities organize buying events typically held at jewelry stores. During these events, you can bring your silver or other valuables for evaluation and potential purchase. These events offer face-to-face interaction with experts and provide an opportunity to receive immediate offers. Keep an eye on our website or contact customer service to discover upcoming buying events in your area. On the day of the event, our experts will be available to evaluate your silver items and make immediate offers based on the assessment.

Make an Appointment

If you live near St. Louis, you can schedule an appointment at our local office. We’re located at 2190 South Mason Road Ste. 209. Book a timeslot online and reach out to our team if you have any questions. We’ll provide the necessary details to make your experience easy and enjoyable.

The Trusted Choice 

Don't let your scrap silver sit idle. Take advantage of our simple process and expertise at National Rarities. For over a decade, our team has helped thousands of people sell their unused valuables… And we’d love to help you too! So, gather your scrap silver, reach out to National Rarities and transform your unused items into cash today! 

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