National Rarities' December Employee Spotlight
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National Rarities' December Employee Spotlight

National Rarities' December Employee Spotlight

The holidays are finally here!


While we all love to embrace the magic that this season brings, we also know that this year might be a bit different than previous years.


As with anything, we can choose to look at the cup as half empty or half full. Sure, we can hold on to the things we cannot control, or we can appreciate the little things this season, be grateful for our livelihood, and embrace those that mean the most to us.


At National Rarities, we will always choose the latter! This season is for appreciating the good and acknowledging the people who matter most to us. This month, we are proud to showcase our December Employee Spotlight, Lauren McIntosh. Our Office/Online Manager deserves all the praise this season and every season after!




Q1: Describe a brief history of yourself and your relevant training.


I have worked in small businesses for the past 13 years. I enjoy the fast-paced, ever-changing dynamic of helping build company infrastructure and culture. Most of my training has been on-the-job, learning from those around me, identifying challenges, and developing strategies to make improvements. I have a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education. I have found this has helped build a foundation of patience and perspective when working with small to medium-sized teams focused on efficient growth.


Q2: What does a typical day look like for you at National Rarities?


My position is in the office full-time. One thing I enjoy about my job is that no two days are the same. Many of us wear multiple hats throughout the day, and I am regularly jumping from one task to the next. Whether it is working with data to learn more about our buyers and sponsors, to creating new systems to help us track what we do, or offering support to an employee on a challenging project.


Q3: What is your favorite thing about working at National Rarities?


Most of all, I love the team I work with and the owners of NR. Together we have created an eclectic workforce that feels more like a family than anything else. It is inspiring to see such different personalities come together to learn from and help one another.  


Q4: What is your favorite piece that is for sale now?


Right now, my favorite pieces are the Jerry Garcia prints and the John Hardy dragon ring.

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The holidays bring a sense of appreciation for the many glorious things in our lives. We can use this time to be grateful for those in our lives, including those who make our day-to-day that much better. Lauren exemplifies teamwork, passion, and talent, and we are so thankful for her during this holiday season!


We are beyond lucky to have Lauren and our team of "rarities" at National Rarities.

Stay tuned for our next National Rarities Employee Spotlight in January! As the year comes to an end, we are reminded of our team that helped us during this time, and we look forward to embracing 2021!