National Rarities' March Employee Spotlight
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National Rarities' March Employee Spotlight

National Rarities' March Employee Spotlight

Spring is almost here, and we are enticed by the change in season. Say goodbye to long winter days, boisterous jackets, and dark colors. We welcome the chance to enjoy the flowers, bright colors, and sunshine that spring brings.


As we begin a new month, we are excited to share that while seasons change, our appreciation for our employees does not.


This month, we are delighted to showcase our Team Supervisor/Estate Specialist GIA GG, Brandi Shufeldt. Brandi truly connects with our customers and leads our team to success each and every month. Without her, we would not be the team that we are today. Join us in congratulating our employee of the month, Brandi:



Q1: Describe a brief history of yourself and your relevant training


As the granddaughter of a diamond dealer and jeweler, I have been around the jewelry industry my entire life. Being surrounded by diamonds, jewelry, and gold, it is only natural that I would choose to learn all I can about them. My first job in the jewelry business was to untangle gold chains, eventually, I advanced to separating colored gemstones and strived to learn more. I later earned the title of a Graduate Gemologist after receiving training from the Gemological Institute of America. With over ten years of hands-on experience, I feel that my experience and knowledge in this field are second to none.



Q2: What does a typical day look like for you at National Rarities?



As a Team Supervisor, I assist with training employees and helping continue the education of my teammates. While in the office I assist with anything from answering phones, listing items to sell, organizing, and a variety of other items. When on the road, I serve as a Team Leader and oversee the event and help customers and my fellow coworkers identify and evaluate items. I also spend a lot of time in our home office meeting with customers as well as providing house calls for the St. Louis market.


Q3: What is your favorite thing about working at National Rarities?


I enjoy working with customers and our jewelry store partners. It's amazing some of the connections and experiences you gain. From learning about history to the background and wealth of information, the jewelers and clients can provide us with so much insight.


Q4: What is your favorite piece you have sold? What is your favorite piece that is for sale now?

Captain French’s President Appointment by Abraham Lincoln. This is a document promoting Captain French and was signed not only by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton but President Abraham Lincoln. This group of items included the Signed Presidential Appointment, Captain French’s Cabinet Card (Photo), and a copy of the Court Marshall Documents for his military discharge.


Abraham Lincoln


I am crazy about these earrings; the Yellow Topaz surrounded by Morganite reminds me of warm summer days and sunshine. And the diamond adds the glitz needed to make these earrings exquisite.






Without Brandi, we simply would not be the same tight-knit, successful, community-driven team as we are today. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and passion for our business and industry.

We are beyond lucky to have Brandi and our team of "rarities" at National Rarities.


Stay tuned for our next National Rarities Employee Spotlight in April!