National Rarities' September Employee Spotlight
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National Rarities' September Employee Spotlight

National Rarities' September Employee Spotlight

For this month’s spotlight, we want to introduce you to Kathryn Lange! Read on to learn a little bit of Kathryn’s History

Read on to learn a little bit of Kathryn’s History

Q1: Describe a brief history of yourself and your relevant training.

As a kid I always had a fascination with rocks, collecting them wherever I could. As a teenager I spent my time making jewelry and selling or trading it. I didn’t know this would lead me to a career and life of adoration for nature’s tumultuous beauties, gemstones. As a young adult I worked in various retail positions centered around watches and fine jewelry. I was fascinated with the industry, all of it, from where they were sourced to what feeling the final piece provided to the purchaser. That led me to want to be involved on a deeper level and understand how and why diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry have such an impact on all cultures throughout the world. As I worked towards my Graduate Gemologist, I realized I will always be fascinated by this industry.

Q2: What does a typical day look like for you at NR on and off the road?

When on the road with NR, everyday and every event can be different, that’s what makes it so exciting! We see a wide variety of items from shocking to stunning. I love the rush of not knowing what will be presented next. Sometimes the days can be long but when I think of how much history we get to see, it’s undoubtedly worth it. In addition with traveling all over the country we get to indulge in the most amazing food, we are always looking for the best local eateries we can find.
When at the office that rush continues, I’m part of the team that evaluates the items that have been purchased on the road and decide where they will go next. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that these treasures will find a new home with an appreciative collector.

Q3: What is your favorite thing about working at National Rarities?

I have two favorite things about this company.
The first is my colleagues. We are such a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds, and I am fascinated by the new things I learn from them every day. Because we travel together it allows for a deeper understanding of each others backgrounds and interests.
The second are the people I meet at the events. The items we buy can have extreme sentimental meaning and/or history. I love to hear the stories of where they came from and meeting those involved.

Q4: What is your favorite piece that you have purchased or sold? Do you have a story behind it?

My favorites items are, of course, antique jewelry pieces. I love to identify what time period they came from. There was an incredible dragonfly Art Nouveau brooch that I purchased recently. The hand made plique-a’-jour wings and fine milgrain detail was breathtaking.