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Beginners Guide to Luxury Watches

The Beginners Guide to Luxury Watches

Watches aren’t just devices used to tell time. They’re also luxury investments that represent your individual style and personality. When it comes to understanding the different types and styles, they’re several factors to consider. From movement to the brand, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all the choices on the market. Luckily, our team at National Rarities specializes in evaluating and purchasing watches every day. Specifically, we focus on types of movement, which include manual mechanical, automatic mechanical and quartz battery-operated watches. Learn more about each style and everything that goes into the craftsmanship of a luxury watch.

Manual Mechanical Watches

Manual mechanical watches are wound by either hand or key to set time. Their movement is powered by springs and gears inside of the watch. When these devices were first created, they were revolutionary inventions. As technology has progressed over the years, they’re now considered a classic and vintage investment. Many collectors prefer these timepieces, as they require more attention and care. 

Automatic Mechanical Watches

Automatic mechanical watches are also powered by springs and gears. However, they actually wind as the hand moves. This capability allows them to be more convenient than manual winding styles. Throughout the world, they’re viewed as luxury timepieces and can be quite expensive. Because of this, they’re an ideal investment for collectors and enthusiasts.

Quartz Battery Operated Watches

Quartz Battery Operated watches are known for their accuracy, making them an attractive option for those who require precise timekeeping. These watches are powered by a battery and use a quartz crystal to keep time. While they can be made cheaply, they were once considered the height of watch technology. Today, some models encompass all modern technology, including GPS, a radio clock and more.

Evaluate Your Timepiece at National Rarities

When it comes to selling your timepiece, you don’t have to do the guesswork. Our team at National Rarities is comprised of certified watchmakers (CW21) and experts in the industry. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation evaluation. At National Rarities, we offer on-the-spot payment if you choose to sell. Since we deal directly with interested parties such as serious buyers and collectors, we can offer you an exceptionally fair price for your pieces. This guarantees that you will receive the best value for your unused treasures and have the assurance of a genuine price for your valuables. Moreover, you are not obligated to sell, as your peace of mind is our top priority. Fill out our simple online form or visit a local event to learn more about the value of your collection!