Why You Should Host A Jewelry Event with National Rarities
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Why You Should Host A Jewelry Event with National Rarities

Why You Should Host A Jewelry Event with National Rarities

Hosting an estate buying event is a sure-fire way to market your store while offering a much-needed service to customers during this difficult time.

Holding your own estate buying event can be stressful to plan and organize, expensive to promote, and frustrating when people bring it items that you don’t buy! Your time is valuable and as a jeweler, you have a million other things going on within your store!

That’s where National Rarities comes in.

Our team of estate buying event experts is here to help you put on a successful, exciting event for your jewelry store. Your customers will love that we purchase such a wide variety of rarities and collectibles that most people don’t buy and offer free evaluations with no pressure to sell!

Our process is streamlined, effective, and profitable. We market the event, we bring in the customers, we buy, and we pay you. Think it can’t be that simple? Well, here’s the thing...it is!

 If you are unfamiliar with our jewelry events and our services, we are here to provide you with the answers to all of your impending questions.

Here is why you should host a jewelry event with National Rarities:


1. We Are the Experts in Our Field

Our estate buying business was founded in 2009 and we pride ourselves on being the best in estate appraisals and buying.

With the experience and knowledge that we have gained from over 1,000 successful jewelry events, our business model ensures success for your jewelry store. You can rest assured that you are dealing with the best in the estate buying industry, and we like to let our work speak for itself!


National Rarities Jewelry Event1

2. We Market the Event

If marketing makes you want to pull your hair out, have no fear! National Rarities will take care of all advertising and marketing for your in-store event. We partner with jewelers from around the country to host and promote 3-day estate buying events and free evaluations.

Our events advertise and promote your store, bring in new customers, and promote the services you offer. When you partner with us, your store always comes first!


3. Our Events Generate Increased Foot Traffic & Enhance Your Business Profile

We partner with jewelry stores because we believe in small businesses and communities. We know that by working together, we can boost foot traffic and sales while still providing a valuable service to your local community.

Plain and simple, our events generate results. In fact, an average of 32 customers statistically come through each event day. We offer your customers an opportunity to bring in their unwanted valuables for an honest appraisal and a no-obligation offer. We pay them for their items at the time of the transaction so that they have money to spend in YOUR store. We put you on a platform for future customers to help establish trust and start a relationship as a jeweler and buyer.

National Rarities Jewelry Event2

4. We Bring Total Customer Satisfaction

We take pride in our honesty and integrity as estate buyers. We always promise complete satisfaction for our jewelers and their customers, no matter what!

Our GIA Certified Gemologists and GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals are not new to this industry; they know how to work a room, and they know how to bring satisfaction to current and future lifelong customers. In fact, every jeweler we’ve partnered with has invited us back for additional events!


5. We Make It Easy, Profitable, and Fun

Our goal is always to make each event turnkey, effective, and enjoyable. We are confident that our buying service will enhance your business, market your store, and bring customers through your door. It’s fun to win, and it’s even more fun to do so as a team!

If you don’t take a risk, there is no reward! Interested in learning more about our event services? Ready to start planning your jewelry store event today?! Contact us now to get started on your estate buying event hosted by National Rarities!


National Rarities Jewelry Event4