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What We Buy

We purchase a wide variety of coins, such as old United States currency, some foreign currency and numismatic and bullion coins. While we accept most coins, we most often see dimes, quarters and half dollars from the mid 1900s. 

What Are My Coins Worth?

The two ways that we determine the worth of the coin is by its scarcity and condition. While most coins we see do not have much scarcity, customers can often get the value of what the coin is made up of, whether that be silver, non-silver, or gold.


When talking about scarcity, we ask: How many of this coin were minted? And: Are they still around today?


When looking at the condition of coins, we use the Sheldon grading scale. This grading scale gives us a better understanding of how much wear a given coin has. The scale goes from 1 to 70. The scale is as followed: Base (1), Fair (2), Very Fair (3), Good (4-6), Very Good (7,8,10), Fine (12,15), Very Fine (20, 30), Extremely Fine (40), About Uncirculated (50) and Mint State (60-70).

Noteworthy Past Purchase

An 1895 proof cameo Morgan silver dollar valued at $45,000! The 1895 Morgan dollar from the Philadelphia Mint may be the most famous U.S. silver dollar in the world. Only the 1804 silver dollar has a greater reputation. That's because, even though the records show that a tiny 12,000 Morgan dollars were struck in 1895, no one has ever seen one. The only 1895 Morgan dollars that are known to have actually been released are 880 proof versions. It is estimated that roughly half of these coins still exist. This means there are approximately 400 coins that every Morgan dollar collector must compete for, if they desire a complete date set.

Sell Your Coins and Currency

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