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Finch Jewelers
Buying Event
3 Days Only!

1575 Fruitville Pike #1
Lancaster, PA 17601

November 7, 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
November 8, 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
November 9, 10:00 AM–5:30 PM

Lancaster, PA Buying Event

We’d like to invite you to discover the extraordinary at the National Rarities buying event hosted by Finch Jewelers in Lancaster! Bring your valuables – whether you have gleaming gold, dazzling diamonds, exquisite fine jewelry, timeless luxury timepieces, fine art or unique collectibles – and let National Rarities’ team of experts evaluate their worth. This exclusive event is a golden opportunity to turn your valuables into immediate payment. 

Wondering how to get there? It's easy! Start at Lancaster city center, head east on Main Street, passing scenic Lancaster Park on your left. Keep going straight until you reach the Lancaster mall. Turn right onto Mall Avenue, then continue until you hit Elm Street. Take a left onto Elm Street, and voilà, you'll find Finch Jewelers on your right, shortly after Elm Street intersects with Pearl Street. 

Don't miss this chance to uncover the hidden treasures in your possession – join us at Finch Jewelers for the National Rarities buying event and let your valuables shine!

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When We're Here Next

March 5-7, 2024


CALL US AT 888-787-1112 if you have any questions!

Now purchasing firearms by appointment. See below for more details.

Receive a 20% bonus when payment is traded for store credit.

No Appointment Necessary

What We're Buying

Fine Jewelry

  • Any Age & And Style
  • Gold, Silver & Platinum Jewelry
  • Broken or Damaged Jewelry
  • Designer Jewelry

Coins & Currency

  • All gold & Silver Coins
  • Gold & Silver Coins
  • Bullion & Bars
  • Old Paper Money
  • Coin Collections

Fine Art, Toys & Rarities

  • Originally by Known Artists
  • Pens
  • Pre-1950 Advertising & Toys
  • Pressed Steel Toys (Marx, etc…)
  • Old Photos and Autographs (Tintypes, etc…)
  • Tine & Lithograph Signs
  • Pipes (Dunhill;, Savinelli, Nording, etc…)

Scrap Gold & Silver

  • Gold, Silver & Platinum
  • Dental Gold
  • Old Mountings
  • Class Rings & Fraternal Pins


  • Loose & Mounted
  • Damaged
  • Any Size, Color, Styles

Sterling Silver

  • Flatware & Serving Pieces
  • Jewelry (Turquoise,Southwestern, etc…)
  • Candlesticks & Candelabras (No need to polish)


  • Wrist Watches & Pocket Watches(Rolex**, Breitling, Patek, Omega, Elgin, Waltham, Illinois,Hamilton, etc…)
  • Any Condition

Designer Handbags

  • Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Hermès,Louis Vuitton, Prada, etc…

Firearms: By appointment only call 888-787-1112

  • Pistols, Rifles & Shotguns (Smith & Wesson, Winchester,Browning, etc…)
  • Collections of any size Call (888) 787-1112 to schedule