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What We Buy

At National Rarities, we buy a variety of jewelry. We consider the type of metal, stones, designer, condition and quality. We begin by asking a few questions about the pieces while we look them over. We ask questions such as: Why are you selling this item? Who owned the piece?

What We Do

Our estate specialists look for hallmarks specifying the metal's type and purity and sort them accordingly. After the items are sorted, the buyer will examine the stones to determine their carat, cut, clarity and color. Then they weigh the items to calculate the value of precious metals.

How We Determine a Price

Current market trends are considered when determining the price of everything we purchase. Sometimes, this requires extra time if the buyer needs to check our records or get a second opinion. We take this extra step to ensure we offer the best possible price.

How We Make an Offer

After the buyer has collected the necessary information, they will verbally communicate their offer and write it down. They will continue to evaluate and price items until everything has been assessed. The estate specialists are happy to answer questions or explain how we determined a specific offer. Sometimes, we have a coworker take another look.

Going the Extra Mile

Recently, a vintage gold charm bracelet was brought to one of our events. The charms ranged from gold-plated to 18-Karat gold. They were soldered onto the bracelet, so removing and weighing them without damaging the piece was impossible. All of the charms were counted and tallied by their purity level. An initial price was determined, but to ensure accuracy, another estate specialist re-examined the piece. Both buyers generated the same number, so the offer was conveyed and accepted by the client. However, they wanted to keep one of the charms. Our estate specialist removed the charm, deducted the value of that piece from the offer and completed the sale.

Scrap and Broken Jewelry

All of our items are assessed for resale, but we buy scrap or broken jewelry too. One memorable purchase was a delicate 14-Karat gold hoop a pet had chewed on. The piece was beyond recognition or repair. However, it was a quick transaction to determine the current market value of the gold and make an offer. 

If you need clarification on the type of metal or stone in your pieces, bring them to us! Our estate specialists are happy to sort through items and let you know which ones we will purchase.

Colored Gemstones

Most color gemstones do not have much resale value because they are often treated. Because of this, we require a prominent lab certification such as GIA  or AGS. This certifies the authenticity of the gems and discloses if the stone has had any treatments or simulations done to enhance the color or clarity. Many think that because their item is older it is not enhanced. However, synthetic gemstones have actually been around since the 1800’s!

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