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What We Buy

We buy an array of rarities, including pipes, toys, sports memorabilia, military memorabilia, autographs, photographs/tintypes, etc. We look for rarity, condition, quality and demand when purchasing rarities. These characteristics help us to determine the current market value of each item.

What We Do

Our estate specialists will begin by examining the piece, asking a few questions, and doing necessary research. The specialists will look for hallmarks, name brands, signatures, dates, and anything that can give us information. If it is a functional piece, like a wind-up toy, our estate specialist will need to know if it works. They are also assessing the condition, seeing if it is scratched, damaged or in need of repair. The current state of the piece may affect price or desirability. Additionally, the ability to transport the piece to our office has an impact.

If your item is heavy or awkward, leave it in the car and let us help you bring it in. Our estate specialists are prepared to assist in sorting things and answering questions as they work.

How We Determine a Price

Our specialists may need a few minutes to research to offer the best price. They will check records to see how a comparable piece recently did on the market. If your item has accompanying paperwork, please bring it with you. The estate specialist may need to take photos and send them to another associate for authentication or additional information. 

After they have completed these steps, they will convey a price for the piece. 

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