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5 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

5 Tips for Selling Your Engagement Ring

Picture this: you are extremely happy with your current diamond ring; however, you are enticed by that magnificent new princess cut diamond engagement ring that has been flooding your social media timeline.

Or, perhaps you have just inherited an antique engagement ring from your recently deceased grandmother.

Maybe, your situation is different, and you are undergoing a divorce. Now seems the best of time as any to sell your diamond engagement ring.

Whatever your current situation may be, you may be looking to sell your diamond ring, and you might not know where to start.

Deciding to sell an engagement ring brings a number of confusing and stressful questions. Who can you trust with your old mementos? Who will give you a fair price for that sentimental piece? How do I get paid to afford a new ring?

At National Rarities, we buy any and all types of diamond rings, regardless of your experience. With so many questions and confusion around the resale of diamond rings, our team of experts are here to make it easy for you to sell your cherished piece.

Here are our top five tips for selling your engagement ring with National Rarities:

1. Prepare Yourself to Sell

Selling a sentimental piece such as an engagement ring is an emotional experience. Every jewelry piece you wear brings forth a memory; especially when the piece is as meaningful as a diamond engagement ring.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to part ways with your diamond ring. Appreciate the memories, hold that moment near and dear to your heart, and be okay with letting go of a piece that once brought you or a family member joy.

2. Find Out What You Actually Have

You might think you know what you have…or you may have no idea. The next thing to do if you are planning on selling your engagement ring is to find out actually what kind of piece you have. At National Rarities, our GIA certified Graduate Gemologists and team of experts will carefully inspect and evaluate your items and contact you with an offer.

As your trusted estate buyers, National Rarities has an unmatched reputation for honesty and integrity, and we are here to help you find out exactly what you have, and what your item is worth. Once you know exactly what you have, you can move forward with learning about your offer for your diamond engagement ring.

3. Have Realistic Expectations

In some cases, you most likely will not get hundreds of thousands of dollars for your ring. Keep this in mind while you are preparing to sell your diamond engagement ring. Get excited about the pay off, but before you sell your jewelry, do your research, look at different diamond prices, and have full trust that your appraiser will help you understand the value of your diamond ring. Please also understand the market trends, and that there is a difference between appraisal value, retail value and resale value. At National Rarities, we are more than happy to offer insight on the differences between the three values. Upon doing so, we will inspect your diamond and give you the best option for the highest return.

4. Get an Offer

Using all the information and research you have gathered about your item; you will now be receiving an offer. At National Rarities, we will give you an offer range and send a free shipping label. The best part? All shipped items are fully insured, ensuring that your piece will arrive at our destination in a safe and secure manner.

5. Get Paid

It’s the time you’ve all been waiting for! Using historical auction data, dealer price sheets, industry trends, and decades of industry expertise our team will give you your much-anticipated payment for your diamond engagement ring. At National Rarities, we also offer 24-hour payment or consignment options. The payoff is worth it here at National Rarities!

We know that selling your diamond engagement ring may be trying, confusing, and stressful.

At National Rarities, it’s easy as 1-2-3 to sell your diamond engagement ring. We will use our expertise and multiple avenues to get you the most for your diamond ring.

Ready to start selling? Find an event near you to speak to our estate specialist for a free appraisal and cash offer. Or, submit information online to speak with one of our experts. Not sure how to move forward with your sale? Call our office at 888-787-1112 and one of our specialists will be happy to help you with the next course of action.

We look forward to helping you sell your diamond engagement ring with National Rarities!