Introducing...National Rarities
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Introducing...National Rarities

Introducing...National Rarities

We at National Rarities take pride in being able to offer individuals a variety of trusted services for buying or selling valuables. Our services can be utilized through individual appointments in our office, at one of our events nationwide, a house call may be necessary if you have a large collection or from the comfort of your home by submitting pictures for an offer ONLINE!

Almost everyone has something at home gathering dust that could be sold for cash that could be put to better use. Now is the perfect time to look through your possessions and determine which ones you no longer want or use. 

Before we dive into how to sell your items online for cash, we want to educate our community on who we are and how you can benefit from our estate buying services...


Who Is National Rarities?

National Rarities is a renowned, successful, and trusted estate buying service. Since 2009, National Rarities has taken great pride in providing clients with professional estate buying services they can count on and staff that is well trained.

We provide solutions for customers to sell their gold, sell their jewelry, and sell their items in a number of ways. Whether you meet us at our buying events held at retail jewelry stores nation-wide, at our office, or online, we serve those who are looking for a professional evaluation of their valuables in a convenient setting. 

Convenience is key, which is why we offer online estimates of your valuables. With a staff specializing in a wide variety of backgrounds including watches, jewelry (GIA), fine art, collectibles, coins, toys, and war memorabilia, we are ready to help you make an informed decision when selling your items in person or online.


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What Does National Rarities Buy?

So, what can you sell to National Rarities? We buy an assortment of items including gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamonds, jewelry, coins, currency, watches, artwork, paintings, autographs, old photos, antique toys, vintage advertising, and other collectibles and of course... rarities!

Our knowledgeable estate specialists will give you the information you need to use our buying services with confidence.


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Why Choose National Rarities When Selling Your Items?

Making the decision to sell your items isn’t an easy one; so, we have provided 10 reasons why you should sell your items to National Rarities:


  1. We have appraised over 400,000+ items annually

  2. We have served over 26,000+ customers annually

  3. We currently hold an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  4. We currently rank 5 out of 5 stars on our online Google reviews

  5. We have 75 event locations nationwide

  6. We host 160+ events annually

  7. We hold a 99.9% approval rate on eBay with over 17,500+ reviews

  8. We offer Free Shipping when submitting online

  9. All of our items are monitored and fully insured

  10. All of our estate specialists are required to complete training through the Gemological Institute of America as well as rigorous in-house training.


 Let our specialists take a look at what you have! We thoroughly enjoy meeting people and answering your questions. We will share information about your items and help you consider your selling options during this time.

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