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January’s Birthstone Glamorous Garnet

January’s Birthstone Glamorous Garnet

Do you need a gift that conveys eternal friendship? Or maybe you want to signify everlasting romance? Or perhaps you want a dazzling new addition to your jewelry box? Well, look no further than January’s glittering birthstone, the garnet.


This shimmering stone has been significant since antiquity and is said to have many healing powers. The gem serves as an elegant symbol for love, loyalty and courage and comes in a captivating array of colors, from vibrant orange to sparkling greens. Plus, the garnet is an outstanding choice for a special someone in your life, whether or not they have a January birthday. 


1. Garnet Jewelry and Its History


This stone has a long, rich history going back roughly 5,000 years. Garnets have been mined and used to create jewelry since ancient Egypt. Garnet jewelry was also prized by the ancient Greeks and Romans. The stone was said to decrease nervousness or stress and calm the effects of travel sickness. The gemstone has long been identified as a symbol of protection and safety, becoming popular with sailors and soldiers who believed the garnet would keep them safe during their travels. Garnets are still beloved today for their beauty and protective qualities, making them an excellent choice for adornment in stunning pieces of jewelry.

2. How to Care For Your Garnet Jewelry


Garnet jewelry makes a great addition to the wardrobe, but proper care is essential to keep it sparkling like new. To ensure your garnet jewelry looks its best, take time to clean your pieces with mild soap and lukewarm water. 


The gem is a fairly hard stone so it can withstand gentle scrubbing with a soft-bristled brush. But be sure to avoid using detergents or chemical cleaners because they can damage the surface of the stone. It’s also recommended that you remove your garnet jewelry before engaging in activities like sports or chores. 


By following these simple tips you’ll ensure that the glittering beauty of your garnet jewelry will last for years to come.


3. Buying and Selling Gar net Jewelry


When buying garnet jewelry, it’s crucial to look for pieces that are made from natural, high-quality materials like gold or silver. It’s also beneficial to check the origin and clarity of each gemstone as this will impact the durability and price of the piece. 

If you have garnet jewelry you’d like to sell, National Rarities would be happy to help. We’re experienced in evaluating jewelry and can offer you fair and competitive prices. Plus, we’ll even write you a check on the spot. So, visit one of our events, receive an offer online or stop by our office at 2190 S Mason Rd, Suite 209 in St. Louis. Let us have a look at your piece and make a no-pressure offer.