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What Sells at Estate Sales

What Sells at Estate Sales

Throughout the years, you’ve probably collected jewelry from family members that have passed down their treasured possessions. Odds are, there are quite a few pieces in the back of your jewelry box that you hardly ever wear. Instead of letting them sit and collect dust, take your old treasures in for an estate jewelry appraisal. An expert will take a look at the old jewels, gems and timepieces you no longer wear to determine their value and provide you with a reasonable offer. At National Rarities, we specialize in evaluating heirloom jewelry and rare items during estate sales and events, so we know what sells best. That’s why we’ve created a guide to the types of jewelry and precious metals that trusted estate buyers will take off your hands.  


Gold and Silver Jewelry

Nothing holds its value quite like precious metals. As the years pass, the popularity of these items may wax and wane, but overall their market price remains competitive. Gold and silver pieces are highly sought after for their versatility, with many companies purchasing them in order to melt down the metal. At National Rarities, we see the value of the entire piece and buy with the intent to resell your jewelry intact. This allows for your heirlooms to shimmer and shine for generations to come.If you’re holding onto precious gold and silver jewelry that no longer fits your style, consider taking these items in for an estate jewelry appraisal. 


Glittering Gemstones 

While diamonds are a classic staple, colored gemstones are just as desirable. Their colorful brilliance adds extra beauty to a classic ring, necklace or bracelet. Plus, pre-owned diamond and gemstone jewelry is often more affordable than brand new pieces, allowing everyone to own a dazzling treasure. At National Rarities our experts evaluate and buy the lab certified colored gemstone and diamond jewelry that you no longer wear. To determine if your piece is one-of-a-kind and will resell at an estate sale have it appraised by an expert. 


Coins and Currency 

The precious metals used in fine jewelry are the very same that are used in currency and coins. In fact, dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes minted before 1964 and made with 90% silver. This gives them an incredible resale value, especially if they are a collectible limited edition mint. You’ll find plenty of gold and silver coins at estate sales, along with rare pennies, out of circulation items and antique currency. At National Rarities we evaluate coins and currency on a case by case basis, with a focus on acquiring United States coins from 1964 or older. Additionally, we’ll buy foreign coins that use silver or gold. So, take a look around and see what kind of valuable treasures you have in your home. 


Sell Your Estate Jewelry at National Rarities

Whether you are looking to find a new home for your treasures or want to collect rare items, start your search for the services you need at National Rarities. We’re the experts in estate jewelry evaluation and events. So, if you’ve got fine jewelry collecting dust or precious metals you’d like to sell for cash, we’ve got you covered. Get an offer online or find an estate sale in your area to attend. Or, if you have any questions about your valuable items, feel free to contact us. We take pride in providing excellent evaluation services with transparency, honesty and integrity so that you can rest assured that your precious treasures will be well taken care of.