National Rarities’ Happy News Network: 5 Things to Make You Smile Righ
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National Rarities’ Happy News Network: 5 Things to Make You Smile Right Now

National Rarities’ Happy News Network: 5 Things to Make You Smile Right Now

How are you doing, truly?

This uncertain time has us reflecting on the good, the bad, and the future. While the world is out of its usual normalcy, we can comfort ourselves in knowing that we will get through this peril and return to our regular routines once more. One thing we know for sure is that life is still carrying on, and we have so many reasons to be grateful and celebrate.

At National Rarities, we choose to look on the bright side and aim to highlight the positives that we are seeing in our community. Sometimes, we just need a story, a picture, or an article that will help us change our tune. Sometimes, we just need an act of kindness in order to see the wonderful things happening around us. National Rarities’ Happy News Network is our new initiative to bring a smile to our community during these challenging times. Here are 5 things to make you smile right now in our home cities of Denver and St. Louis: 


1. Birthday Parades

We’ve seen an outpour of love from family members, friends, and neighbors who gladly jump in their cars and parade for children’s birthdays. Children of all ages are elated to see their friends and family honking, hollering, singing, and celebrating them while still maintaining social distancing. Our hearts warm at the thought of a sweet child’s excitement as they see their birthdays on display for the whole neighborhood to see!

National Rarities’ Happy News Network: 5 Things to Make You Smile Right Now
National Rarities’ Happy News Network: 5 Things to Make You Smile Right Now

2. Homemade Masks

Many Denver artists and entrepreneurs are using their creativity to make their own homemade masks for those in need. While incorporating fun, dazzling designs, these community members are working together to create safety equipment for all. 

3. Window Cleaning at Hospitals 

These literal superheroes cleaned windows and visited children at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. As Spiderman and Ironman scaled the side of buildings, they also brought excitement and promise to the children within the hospital. 


4. Writing Cards to Nursing Homes

Even preschoolers can help those who are feeling the throws of self-isolation! Parents and children of all ages have become pen pals for residents at local assisted living centers. By simply writing hand-written notes, these families are bringing comfort to those who truly need it during this time. 


5. Assisted Shopping for The Elderly

Many seniors are finding it difficult to access the necessary items. This teen in St. Louis developed a website to help seniors get their essential items without having to leave their homes. This amazing opportunity is helping a number of senior citizens at this time and helps us believe that there is some good out there!

We hope these stories brighten your day and help you realize that there are good things happening around us every day. At National Rarities, we want to keep spreading the positivity and let you know that we are here to help in any way possible.

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