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Five Items to Sell Online While You’re At Home

Five Items to Sell Online While You’re At Home

Change tends to present itself at the strangest times and often there isn’t much we can do to stop it. Embracing that change can often show us new opportunities. Although there is no doubt that the current virus and social distancing measures have had a detrimental impact on thousands of families; it has also created some positive opportunities for us to embrace. Today’s current situation has created a second chance; a chance to spend quality time with our families, catch up on beloved hobbies, and tackle chores that have been on the backburner for months. We know this change is helping many people re-center at home and get organized, so we would like to give you an option if you find yourself with valuables you no longer need or want so that you can put them to better use for you and your family.

The specialists at National Rarities are estate buyers you can trust. Sell your items online from the comfort of your home with the help of GIA certified Gemologists and others who specialize in various fields. Find out what your old jewelry, gold, coins, and other items are worth and if you choose to sell, you may make a pretty penny in the process. 

At National Rarities, we buy anything from gold, sterling silver, coins, watches, and more. If you are looking for a chance to take advantage of this new opportunity and make some extra cash, check out our list of the top five things you can start selling right now:


Gold Scrap

While there are various types of gold, the most commonly used are 10k gold, 14k gold, and 18k gold. Although these are commonly used, we don’t overlook the other fine types that are out there. For instance, 8k, 9k, 16k dental gold, 21k, 22k, and 24k are all gold items that we buy.  Each karat number represents the amount of gold that a particular item contains. The higher the number, the more gold content in the item!



At National Rarities, we buy all types of diamonds. Whether it be loose or mounted, certified or uncertified, we’re here to evaluate the best value for your items.  With so many questions and lots of confusion around the resale of diamonds, we make it easy. We’ll inspect your diamond and give you the best option for the highest return. We offer 24-hour payment. 



We primarily purchase United States coins from 1964 and older; graded or ungraded. Because of silver prices, you’ll generally receive more than the face value of that coin. As the silver market fluctuates, so will the coin's value.  There is also a major coin collecting community that will pay higher prices for certain coins.


War Memorabilia 

Whether its daggers, badges, uniforms or anything related to war memorabilia we would be interested in making an offer. Send us a photo and description of what you have for an estimate of value and we will get back to you with an offer. 



There are so many brands, models, and styles that it’s hard to define exactly what we buy. A general rule of thumb is the higher values are in mechanical hand-winding and automatic winding watches. Brand, condition, running/non-running, and original paperwork all have effects on the value of the watch. Keep this in mind when sorting through your old watches and deciding what you would like to sell! 


Ready to get selling? Check out our Selling Guide for more item listings. As entrusted estate buyers, National Rarities has an unmatched reputation for honesty and integrity. Don’t miss out on money that should be in your pockets this season; contact us with your jewelry selling inquiries. We look forward to working with you!