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The Truth About The 12 Days Of Christmas

The Truth About The 12 Days Of Christmas

There are many holiday traditions that we simply turn a blind eye to.

Fruit cake? Sure, that’s something that will always be at the holiday dinner table.

A large man in a red suit shimming down the chimney to deliver gifts? Absolutely; we would never question that.

We assume that we know the traditional aspects behind these little celebrations, but sometimes we have no idea.


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The 12 Days of Christmas is seen on television channels, gift guides, and shopping malls as a ramp-up to the beloved red and green holiday. We assume that this marks the 12 days leading up to Christmas, but in reality, it’s the opposite.

12 days of Christmas is traditionally recognized by Christians as the 12 days beginning with the birth of Christ. It begins on December 25 and runs through January 6 (known as the Epiphany and sometimes called Three Kings’ Day.)

While some recognize the 12 days following Christmas as a time to continue celebrating this holiday, many wrap up the holiday festivities on the 25th after the day is celebrated, with things going back to business on December 26th.

We all know the song, “The 12 Days of Christmas,” but now, when you’re singing along, you will be aware of the tradition behind the music and why it is celebrated widely amongst all.

Just add a partridge in a pear tree, and you’re off!